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Luciana Piazza

Hi Robert,

Thanks for reaching out!

I understand you have created screencasts in Replay. Do you happen to notice any difference in video quality when Recording a Webcam Video Only in Replay?

Generally, you'll see a reduction in quality each time you add a step in converting or importing video files. So by recording in Peek and importing that recording into Replay, you'll likely see a loss in quality. 

If you'd like our support team to offer any tips or suggestions, feel free to share your files within a support case.

Have a great afternoon! 

Jose Tansengco

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the additional information. We have an open issue for Replay 360 where frame rate drops can be seen when creating a Full HD recording. I've added this ELH post to the bug report.

One workaround is to use Storyline 360 instead of Peek 360 and Replay 360 to create the recordings. Have you tried using Storyline 360's screen recording feature to see if you encounter similar behavior?