Video quality in Peek

Hi all,

I posted this question in the Replay group but now I think it is more of a Peek issue so I am trying it here also.

I am in the process of using Presenter 360, then Peek, then Replay, to produce a short video (mp4). However, the resolution is very low and the visual quality is not great.

Here's a description of the process that I followed.

* Created the slides/animation with Studio 360
* Created the Peek video by recording the presentation while it was playing in "preview" mode (so the animations would be there)
* Imported the Peek file into Replay
* Imported the audio files into Replay
* Published the Replay file as an mp4.

I suspect the issue might arise from the fact that I created the Peek file by recording in "preview" mode. Is there a better, higher quality way to record the video?

I have attached a draft to this message. Is there something I can do differently to achieve higher resolution of the visuals?




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Nina Frankel

Hello all,

I want to follow up on this issue as I haven't heard back and really need to figure out this issue. The low resolution of my video is a problem that we need to resolve as soon as we can.

I suspect the issue may be related to the fact that I recorded the Peek video by playing back the Presenter/Studio file in Preview. Is there a better way to do this? Please let me know as soon as you can.

I'll attach the mp4 file again.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nina!

Did you know you can create screen recordings with audio directly within Replay? That way, you can cut out the Peek step altogether! 

Generally, you'll see a reduction in quality each time you add a step in converting and importing video files. So by recording in Peek and importing that recording into Replay, you'll likely see a loss in quality. 

From here, try recording your Studio 360 presentation using Replay, and recording the audio at the same time. Let me know how it goes!