Peek 360 Recording Full Screen Not Just Bounding Box

Sep 30, 2019


Have used Peek many times in the past, but today trying to record a portion of a program screen it is recording the entire screen - including the bounding box and its controls (i.e. pause, record, etc.).

Have ensured that I am choosing the selected program and not the Full Screen option, have tried to resize the bounding box using the corners (maintain perspective) and north-south, east-west, closed and restarted, etc.

Each time I record with Peek it is taking the ENTIRE screen of the program and not what I have selected, it is like a screen recording of me doing a screen recording.

Using WIN10, display resolution is set at 100% (recommended).

Just need 1 screen recording to finish this project!!

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Katie Riggio

Hi, David. Sorry you're having trouble with Peek 360!

I'd love to help you sort this, and have a few quick clarifying questions:

  • Is this happening when you try to record any program or a particular one? If just one, could you share more detail on the affected program?
  • Are you working on dual monitors or a single monitor?
  • Are you using a virtual machine environment to run Windows 10?
David Seaman

Did the uninstall, shutdown, reinstall dance - no change.
Attaching an example in Replay (exact same behavior in Peek and Replay), performed the same uninstall/shutdown/reinstall with it.
In this I am clicking on hyperlinks within a webpage, last page I clicked the 'GO' button next to the search field, note how the cursor is always above and often to the left of the actual click spot. For the 'GO' button the cursor is actually out of the bounding box altogether.

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