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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Michael and Will - Thanks for sharing the details and the fact that you're not utilizing a virtual environment. That being said, I've not seen similar issues reported. Our support engineers have a process to check a few things to understand what may be going on and I would encourage you both to reach out here for assistance.

Lawrence Williams

I'm having a similar audio issue recording a software demo. The audio seems fine until I start moving the mouse, then it cuts in and out- garbled is a great way to describe it.  I'm also Windows 10 home, using a USB mic (AT-2020). The same setup records fine through another software program.

I'm going to submit a case, just wanted to chime in because I'm having the same problem.

James Bonney

Hi Alyssa,

Just a normal Windows laptop, with a normal wifi connection. I've had to resort to using a Dictaphone to get the audio recorded. After convincing stakeholders 360 was our 'all-in-one' fix for our design needs, it's a bit embarrassing getting the 1990's voice recorder out. Not great.