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New to using Peek. I am having a problem with the recorded area that is being displayed. I have a multiple monitors. There are a couple of issues with the Selection Area.

1 When I select either an application or a full screen the Selection area does not match what is recorded.

2 The selection area outline appears on the recording

3 The selection area is only partially visible on the screen and the middle point to move it is off screen

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Glenn, 

I know a few other users with a dual monitor display shared that they've seen similar issues when recording in Peek. It seems to be connected to the USB adapter or laptop dock used - can you share a bit more information about your Windows OS version, and how these monitors are connected?

Additionally, are you able to record when not connected to the dual monitors? 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Glenn, 

I believe most users had to disable from the dock to properly use the screen recording, but in talking with a colleague last night who was able to replicate it he also found his monitors were using a different screen resolution. Setting those to match allowed the screen recording to work correctly (after a reboot for the changes to take effect). Can you test and see if that works for you?

Glenn Nastachowski


My 3 monitors' resolution settings were all the same. But the "Scale and layout" percent of my laptop monitor was 125% (Recommended value) and my other two monitors were 100% (Recommended) After changing the laptop monitor to 100% the Selection area on the recordings of any of the 3 screens was centered.