Problems when recording vidéos with Peek

Aug 20, 2020


I'm new with Peek and every time i record my screen, i am unable to download the video and i dont have the options to view in Articulate 360 or copy URL (see the image attached). How can it be resolved?


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Ned Whiteley

Bonjour Hélène,

Move the mouse over the video, click on the down arrow and select View in Folder (Afficher dans le dossier). You should now see your downloaded videos in the folder they have been saved in and will be able to access them from there.

I believe that this folder (called "Peek") is created automatically when you first use Peek and should be located in your Documents folder.

Hélène Daniel

Hello Ned,

Thank you very much for your help.

I am able to see the vidéo in the folder by cliking View in folder.

Still, i am preoccupied by the fact that i don't have all the options available. I need to be able to import the vidéo in Articulate 360 in order to receive commentaries with Review 360.

Thanks again!

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