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Ren Gomez

Hi Erin,

You can either select the gear icon when you open Peek 360 or right-click the Peek 360 icon in the system tray and choose Preferences to customize your keyboard shortcuts for pausing and ending recordings.

Just click on the text entry and type the Space Bar for Pause and type the Esc button for End!

Katie Riggio

Hi Sabrina,

Thanks for writing in!

It looks like you've got a great conversation going with Christopher on our Support team, and he's helping you out with this. Keep at it with him so we can nail down the culprit. 

In the meantime, a quick Peek 360 repair might help fix the inactive option. Here are the steps!

Becca Levan

Sorry for this trouble, Carol! 

Since you aren't spotting that Peek 360 icon, could I have you search in your list of apps/programs? Here's a quick demo of that.

Once you find Peek 360, run through these steps to see if that helps. If you still have issues, let us know so a support engineer can work with you directly!