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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Faith, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! ✨

Thank you for reaching out, and I'm sorry to hear you're having framing issues with Peek 360.

Would you mind sharing some additional information about your current setup so we can help you troubleshoot? 

  • Are you using Peek 360 for Windows or Mac?
  • Do you have a second monitor or docking station?
Nancy Khomenko


I am experiencing the same issue as stated above. 

I'm using Windows 10 and use two monitors alongside my laptop and regardless of where I try to capture from (any of the aforementioned displays) the capture is ALWAYS off-center.

I've tried adjusting the capture window but nothing works.

I am unable to provide a video URL due to security measures in my workplace.  Attaching a video file herein...hope it works.  If not, is there another way to provide the video for review?

Also, I have uninstalled and reinstalled Peek 360 numerous times, verified that Microsoft .NET Framework is enabled...among other troubleshooting issues/fixes. without success.


Nancy Khomenko
Technology Training and Documentation Specialist @ Eden Housing, Inc.