360 review compatibility issues

Aug 11, 2017

I'm having a problem in 360 review, which is being exacerbated by a previous problem I've had since using it for the first time.

Chronologically, my first issue is that I cannot open a 360 review page in IE at all; nothing shows up in the page, so I have to use Chrome instead. Note: I am currently using IE 11.

Now, the issue that I'm currently having is a little more complicated. I have a link to a video on a server that's in .wmv format. Instead of opening in my Windows Media Player, it's downloading. I've used .mp4 files before, & they work as I expect (by opening in WMP). I had a colleague try  using her IE browser & when she clicks on the link in 360 Review, it opens in WMP, as I expect it to.

So essentially I have two problems, but solving either one - being able to use IE, or convincing Chrome to open the .wmv files, instead of downloading them - would be very helpful & would minimize the impact of the other. Insight would be appreciated.

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Nate Campbell

Unfortunately, this did not solve my problem; the instructions were either not straight-forward or they were unclear to me in terms of their intended result. Additionally, I'm hoping for a solution that can be broadly applied to anybody who may be part of my review, without a lot of additional steps, if necessary. (The less work involved in reviewing a course we create, the less push-back we get from our Subject Matter Experts, & the more immediate their responses).

Again, thanks just the same for the suggestion. It was certainly worth a try.

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