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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lisa!

Thanks for your post. All parts of your Storyline content should be included in Articulate Review. When you say "demos," are you referring to step-by-step screen recording slides?

Would you mind sharing a copy of your file with me? I can publish it to Articulate 360 on my end and let you know what I find. 

Lisa Kiser

Hi Alyssa,  Yes, the demos are actual step by step screen recording that have been added into the course for the learner to review. It appears they're  added in as web objects .html onto the slide. The display on the web object is set to show "in new browser window" and load when clicked. Could this be the reason why its not showing in the reviewer tool?  Should the "Show" be set to slide instead? If I change it to "show in slide" the demo is very small.  Not sure if I can share this course so hopefully this explanation will help. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lisa,

I just made a quick sample file with a web object that is set to "open in a new browser window". Here is that sample published to Articulate Review for you to test. 

It sounds like the behavior you're seeing is different than what I'm seeing in that sample file. If you're able to send your file to me privately, that would be very helpful!

Simply click here and attach the file to the form.