Articulate Review Font issues in IE vs. Chrome

Feb 22, 2017

Hi there,

When I view a course using Review in IE11 the fonts are way off either they default to Times Roman or simply drop f's?? In Chrome everything looks great. Our standard internal build for Sutter Health is IE11 (i know, i know).

Any way to make this a better experience for my internal clients?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Lisa,

I have come across a report of the Arial font displaying as Times New Roman in HTML5 output. When you published the course with Arial font to Articulate Review, did you publish HTML5 first or HTML5 only? Also, have you tried publishing to web and testing it in Tempshare to check if you're seeing the same thing there?

And for the issue you mentioned about the missing F's, I've seen this reported in the forums before. We released an update that included a fix for text being replaced by emojis in HTML5 output when the hosting server wasn’t configured for WOFF files. Just install the latest software update and republish your course, and let me know if the issue is fixed.

Will Findlay

I just helped two users today by remoting in to their PCs who were using IE 11, and where the font should have been Arial I noticed it was showing as Times New Roman. This was a published version of a course prior to the latest software update though. However, I don't see the same issue when testing in IE 11 on 2 different computers. It's quite elusive.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Will,

Thanks for sharing a bit more information. I can't imagine which IE11 setting would impact the user's audio and the course as a whole with how the font is displayed, but it's definitely a good one to share here if you're able to find out! 

Steve, for the issue you experienced, did you install the latest update for Storyline 360? It should have prompted you to do so when opening the desktop tray application and as Alyssa mentioned the missing F letters was something we saw before the latest patch to fix the WOFF fonts. Did you also only experience this in IE11 or did you see it across browsers when hosting in your LMS? 

Will Findlay

Here is a comparison where the font and sound missing problem was evident on one machine, but not another, both running IE 11:

In the video, on the left is a machine running IE 11 where it appears the Times New Roman default font fails to be replaced by the designated font. On the right is a machine (also running IE 11) where you can just briefly see Times New Roman, right before it is replaced with Arial. You can see this immediately on the "Would you like to resume where you left off?" message:

It first displays like this:


and then is quickly replaced with this (but not on the machine with the issue):


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Will for checking the date - and if you still see it, can you share a copy of the Review link and the course itself? That way we can take another look at what's happening in your files. Also, here's a link to the release notes for the Storyline 360 update that came out, just in case you wanted to give those a double check! 

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