Articulate review for teams

We use articulate review and it is a great feature for getting review and remarks, communication with SME etc.

However, 360 is supporting teamwork in some ways, but not in review. We are in a team with 3 developers and all of us have our own content in Articulate review.

If we want to share content within the development team, we need to send each other the links and passwords, That's so 2012, we expected to have a central repository where the administrator can manage access to all reviewable content.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi again :)

Looks like I just shared some information regarding Review here with you as well.

Articulate Review is project specific, but you do make an interesting point. So, even as you are developing, working on responding to changes, etc, you would want someone to be able to access this in Review? This is an idea I'm not sure I've seen shared, so just want to make sure I understand. Or is it more of a one-place for the entire team to share with access granted to that population of projects?

Thanks for sharing! I want to share this information with our team, but wanted to understand first.

Dick Visser

Hi Leslie,


Thanks for your suggestions.

What we like is to share all content published in review with the entire team. The content is not owned by a specific developer but owned by a team. As developer I will manage my own projects and do rework with the comments of SME's. But when I am not available (working on another project or on holiday etc.) my colleague should be able to manage it as well.

So as you stated "It is more of a one-place for the entire team to share with access granted to that population of projects?"

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Hayley and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

The feature request is for a team review account that team members could share to so that there would be one central location of content to review.

This feature is one that we are tracking, but I do not have any information on if it's in the pipeline yet. I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful.

With that many folks to manage and review their content, I can understand how this feature would be helpful for you.