Articulate review - Storyline 360 versions and previous comments

I have sent a Storyline 360 file for review using Articulate Review. At this stage I'm having my SME review and she has provided me with feedback/changes which I'm in the process of making. I've also noted that, given there will be 2 other people reviewing the revised version, she has made notes to those other reviewers even though they haven't been included on the initial review.

My question is, when I have made all of the changes and publish the revised version to Articulate Review, can those original comments be seen when I send the new link to additional reviewers? Or are they only seen with the previous review. If this is the case, are there any suggestions how I can make sure they see those comments addressed to them? For example, before sending the link should I go in to those slides and copy and paste the comment in? Is that even possible?

Thanks for your help! Still trying to get used to using Articulate Review!

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