Articulte Review Cannot Use Resolve Comments Button

Sep 18, 2017

HI There,

One to bear in mind for the next release of Articulate Review.....

It's often difficult to use the green tick resolve comments button on Articulate Review as it's obscured by the text underneath it that shows how many days ago the comments was left. It makes it impossible to click on the resolve comments button.

Hoping this can be fixed. Ticking off comments as you resolve them is a great way of keeping track of what you've sorted and what you have left to do.




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Rachael Burns

HI Ashley,

Thanks for your reply.  I'm on Google Chrome.

It was on the review tab that I couldn't see the resolve button. Since posting this, I tried on the Feedback tab and this allowed me to resolve the comments. Now I've resolved them all, I can't see if the problem still exists or not, but on the one remaining comment it's working as it should on both the review and the feedback tab.

It's probably something on my computer. All works as it should so let's pretend I never posted this :-)

Thanks again for your reply.



Ruth Canton

Ok, although I was logged in on licenced account on the PC, my browser was still using my personal Articulate ID. I've now logged out and back in again with my work account and can see delete and resolve which is now covered by the date, so selecting the resolve button is very tricky.

Ruth Canton

I've tried moving the window to my larger monitor and making it full screen but it doesn't change.

I think it's caused by the reviewer's email address being displayed rather than their name. If they only entered their email address, the review software can't use anything else. The problem could occur if a reviewer with an account also has a long name.

I'd be surprised if I'm the only one experiencing this. It is possible to click 'Resolve', it's just tricky. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks again Ruth - I reported it as a bug in Review. What's happening is a name/email in combination with the timestamp can overlap that "Resolve" button as you saw - but it's very specific based on total character counts of each! Not the easiest to reproduce but your images helped us pinpoint it. 😀 

They're looking into a fix for it, and I'll keep you posted here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks ! We love Review and thought you may too. 😊 

Good luck at your new company, and hopefully you can sell them on the benefits of Articulate 360! You can always sign up for the 30-free trial - and if you're using the same email address you could showcase what you've already created.