Browser timeout

Jan 13, 2019

Hi, does Review timeout if a user has left the page idle for a period of time? I'm curious as there have been occasions where the user has told me they have entered comments but im unable to see them.. Im wondering whether the user has begun entering feedback, left their computer for a period of time and has then come returned to continue entering comments only to not realise that the server has detatched?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Stephanie.  I wouldn't expect the page to time out.  There isn't a requirement to login when viewing your content.  Do you have the course password protected?  Do you know if that user has an Articulate ID?

Run a test with another reviewer to see if comments entered immediately show up for you.  Then have them leave the tab open and enter comments after an hour or so.  Of course, we're happy to help you privately if you'd like to share a link to your content with us.

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