Course not displaying in Review 360 - It contains web objects

Hi - I've published a course on to review 360.  I'm getting this message on the portal.  It never goes away

'This item is still processing and will be shown here automatically when ready.'

This course has 4 web objects on 1 slide within the course - each web object on a different layer.

If I publish another part of the course - e.g. a single slide that does not have web objects.  This works successfully on Review 360.

I suspect the presence of the web objects is stopping this from working on Review 360 - the question is - how to make it work?

The web objects are created and published locally - they are not links to external sites or movies etc.  

When the complete course is published locally (not in Review 360), everything works.  The published output folder, expectedly - contains a subfolder:  ...\story_content\webObjects.  All the web objects are in there so that looks correct.

So...what to do to be able to get this working in Review 360.  Do we have to publish the web objects off to a separate server somewhere out on the net and then embed the URL's for those locations back into the storyline project to make it work on the review portal.  Or is there some much simpler and faster way to get this working. 

Appreciate any hints.



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Katie Riggio

Good morning, Peter!

Thanks so much for walking us through what's happening, and I'm very sorry for the trouble.

I see the same message after adding a local Web Object to a sample Storyline 360 slide and then publishing it to Review 360.

Our team documented this as a potential bug, and are investigating its cause. As soon as we know more, we'll share the news here!

For now, would it work for you to host the Web Objects online?

Peter Moore

Hello Katie - I suspected this might be the response while also hoping that it wouldn't be :-)

I can host these web objects in another online location for now and just try to make the best situation from the time/cost penalty required to cover for this issue.

Thanks for responding though.  Appreciated.