Course Publishes Over Wrong (Non-Selected) Course

Sep 04, 2019

Hi All,

We have an intermittent problem with 360 Review. This happens primarily with Studio Courses. We have Course A and Course B loaded on 360 Review. We indicate that we want the course published over the existing Course A. However, it publishes over Course B. 

1. When this happen, often 360 will "guess" the wrong course it is supposed to write over top of, we take the time to select the correct course it should be overwriting...but it still overwrites that incorrect course it was showing by default.

2. It is intermittent. In our test just now, it overwrite the correct course once and overwrote the incorrect course twice. The same actions were taken each time.

Any help or insights would be appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith,

Were these two courses created from the same original file, or are duplicates of one another? Do they have similar names in Review 360? It's definitely a strange behavior, and doesn't sound familiar to me at all, so I'd like to have our Support Team take a look! It would help if you can take a Peek of the steps you go through. The Share link is what you'll want to include for the support team! 

Keith Kemsley

Hi Ashley!

This is actually a semi-regular occurance over a period of months now; but, only with specific courses. It is possible that the "new course" was built on the foundation of the "previous course" in PowerPoint. We often do this to preserve guides, custom color schemes, etc. Is this a known problem?

We can provide a screen recording; but, please know we are very, very careful during the publishing process to select the "correct existing course" that we want to overwrite. There are only a few mouse clicks, so I'm not sure how illuminating the "peek" will be.

NOTE: We typically have one developer build the course, transfer the files to a 2nd developer via Articulate package, and then have the 2nd developer upload to 360. Not sure if this relates at all.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith, 

It's not a known problem, but I have seen a few instances where a duplicated copy of a course lead to odd behavior based on where/how it was copied and saved. That could be the same situation here. 

A Peek recording may only be a few clicks, but it will help our Support Team narrow down the issue. 

Let me know if you're able to share, and I can follow along as our team tests this oddity! 

Keith Kemsley

We continue to have courses that were built as a series overwrite the incorrect course. It only seems to happen within series--our prosecutor courses do not overwrite our technology courses. I have not heard back from tech support for about a month now. If we could find out how Articulate Review identifies the course that it thinks should be overwritten, then I'm guessing we could figure out a workaround on this, e.g,, place courses in different review folders, never use the same PPTX foundation for subsequent courses, etc. 

Keith Kemsley

I was told by Articulate Support about 2 months ago that they were able to replicate the problem and they would be working on a fix. In the meantime, for our particular situation, we have found that if we start a new course using the foundation of a previous course, we run into more problems. Therefore, we always start new courses with a blank PowerPoint for Studio/Blank Course for Storyline. This is definitely not ideal, but it has eliminated a good percentage of the problems for us. (Not sure if it applies to your situations, of course.) 

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