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Jun 10, 2018


How does a team with 360 use Review to collaborate? It appears that while we have a team licence everyone publishes courses to their own instance of Review. Is there any way to have a team version of Review so everyone publishes to one place and we can see everything, rather than having to share each resource?

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Alyssa Gomez

Great question, Matthew!

Articulate Review has certainly changed the game when it comes to collaborating on a course feedback. When you share a link to content in Articulate review, everyone who has access to that link can view the content, make comments, and view comments from others. 

Improving collaboration within Articulate Review is something we could consider, so thanks for letting us know that would be helpful for your team!  We'll be sure to update you with new features. 

I'd love to hear what other community folks think here, too!

Jeanette Cereske

HI Alyssa,

I like using Review, but I would love it if I could place the cursor next to the text I'm commenting about like I can in Word or Good docs, so that the comment has context. I find myself having to leave very lengthy and descriptive comments sometimes, just because a comma needs to be deleted or added and I have to describe where it is or isn't. Is there a way to do that now? If not, is that a feature that will be added?



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