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Good afternoon,

I have a couple of courses on Articulate Review that get to a point, then rather than progressing to the next slide the player "hesitates", loads, then takes me back to the first slide. I've checked the courses and everything is pointing to the right places, they also preview just fine. I had one course that would do this in Microsoft Edge then be fine in Chrome, but now it doesn't seem to be working in either browser. (example: click on slide LC1, and/or go to the slide before it (instructions) and click next). I've attached the original Storyline file as well.

I've also have a slide with a background image that is in the original file and shows in the preview, but doesn't appear in Articulate Review.

Has anyone else had these difficulties?


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Crystal Horn

Hi Laura.  Your course seemed to progress in the right order, from one slide to the next for me.  But I noticed that the slides advanced even when I wasn't clicking the next button.  Check out my quick Peek screencast of what I saw.

I didn't see any triggers for the slide to automatically advance on either the actual slide or the slide master layout that was used.  Can you clarify what is the expected behavior here?  Should the slides automatically advance at all?  If so, where is the trigger for that?


Crystal Horn

Hi Laura.  Another person on my team was able to reproduce your issue using Edge, actually. 

It looks like you might have created that using Storyline 360 update 10.  We've had a couple of releases since then.  Can you update Storyline 360 and try to republish for Articulate Review?  I'd like to see if the latest version resolves this behavior for you.  Thanks!