Courses Locking Up During the Review Process

Hello everyone,

I'm having an issue with my courses. I've had a license to Articulate 360 since the beginning of this year. I have built a number of courses and am beginning to send them out for review. I have received numerous feedback about the courses locking up before completion. Is there a way to prevent this? When I publish the course to Review 360, I am copying the link and sending the link to my reviewers, via email. Is there another way to do this that may cause this issue to stop? Any feedback is appreciated.



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Ren Gomez
Hi Joshua,
Sorry to hear you're running into this issue, and great call to open a support case. I see my teammate, Gren, asked a few clarifying questions to help us dig deeper. Be sure to share your links with her so she can test the issue on her side.
You're in excellent hands, and I'll also follow the case as it progresses!