Distorted and pixelated screenshots in Review 360

Apr 13, 2024


For the past few days, the Storyline 360 screenshots that show up in my Review 360 Feedback all appear distorted (stretched) and pixelated. Why is this? Is it possible to fix this?


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Jose Tansengco

Hi Everyone, 

Sorry to hear you ran into issues with the screenshot feature of Review 360. 

I did a quick test to test the functionality and it looks like the screenshots look clearer now compared to the images shown in Alain's image file. We also released a fix for Rise 360 where Review 360 Feedback screenshots are blurry and unusable. This fix may have also affected Storyline 360's screenshot functionality in Review 360. 

Can I ask if anyone here is still encountering quality issues with their Review 360 screenshots?