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Nov 14, 2018

I had a new client ask me to make some edits to an existing course.  He sent me the zipped SCORM files.  I unzipped and took a look at the story.html file.  It looked like a Storyline 2 course, so I told him to send me the .story file and I'd make the changes.  He said he doesn't have access to it so I told him I couldn't help him.  Then he sent me a link to the 360.articulate.com review for this course.  Since I don't have 360, I just wanted to confirm some information before I get back to him so I don't tell him wrong.  If someone has 360, is there a way to access the course file from the review site in order to make the changes?

Also, can can the 360 review site be used for a course that was created in SL2?  I was really pretty sure that the course was a SL2 course so I was surprised when he sent me that link. Is there a way to tell from the published zipped folder?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Katie,

Sounds like you are correct on all accounts.

Review is a post-publish environment and there is not a way to get the project file from this link.

Storyline 2 content cannot be published to Review as this is a product in the Articulate 360 suite, so would be used for Storyline 360.

From the zipped published output, you should be able to identify the product and version used for publishing. I like to right-click on the file (in an unzipped folder) to 'Open With' a product like Notepad:

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