Email alert settings for Review?

Apr 30, 2018


I'm a new contractor (at KP) developing using an Articulate 360 license that KP provided.

When I publish to Review in  360, it shows my general Articulate profile (which has my gmail address associated with it) and yet the email alerts about new comments in Review get sent to my KP address.

I'm curious how Review knows to send to the KP address, as I've never provided it.

Also, is there a way to manage the email settings so that I don't get an alert for every single dingle comment?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mark.  I see that your KP email address is the one that is assigned to the Kaiser Permanente team.  I also see that you have an active trial of Articulate 360 with your gmail address.  It feels like at some point, you're viewing the content in Review while logged in with a different Articulate ID than you used to create it.

I have a couple of questions that can help troubleshoot the situation:

  • What tool are you using to create the content that you are publishing to Review?  If it's a desktop app, can you please go to your desktop app, sign out and then sign in with the Articulate ID you are using for your KP work?
  • If you go to , what email address do you see in the profile?
  • After publishing your project to Articulate 360, go to your Review dashboard (making sure you're logged in with the same Articulate ID used to create the content), and let me know if you see the content there.

Thanks for working through it!

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