Flickering and Screen blacking out in Articulate Review 360

I'm having issues with a course flickering and blacking out using Articulate Review 360 in the Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 browsers. It seems to play smoothly in Google Chrome and also in the SABA LMS. Please see attached video below.

I'm also having to constantly log back in to Review 360 as well. I noticed someone else below having that same issue. Please address and let us know us know about the problem and a possible solution.


Troy J.

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Troy. So sorry you're getting these roadblocks!

I see you're already working with Anna on our Support team to see if we can sort why both problems are happening. If you're able to share the source file with her for testing, here's the unique upload link for your case.

You're in skilled hands, and I'll follow the case as it progresses!