Help! I get an error message when uploading Articulate 360 SL to Review

May 08, 2018


I get an error message every time I try to upload an SL file. My understanding was, when I click publish in Storyline, it should automatically be uploaded to Review. When I view the project it opens on its own webpage with its own URL, but when I go to Review the project has not automatically uploaded, as it says it will in the video. I click "To add items, publish from any Articulate 360 app or upload video", three dots appear followed by an error message "There was an error processing your file:"; there isn't a thumbnail and I've tried this process multiple times. 

Does anyone know of a workaround? I already submitted a case to Articulate but thought I might get a faster answer on the forum. Any info is helpful! 

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Peter Ward

After spending an hour and a half troubleshooting and trying every solution I could find in these discussion threads, I finally found a solution. Since the problem is with the internet connection, I unplugged my router and modem, waited a minute and plugged them back in - FINALLY, Articulate was able to Publish again! Hope it's helpful for others.

Note: If you're working somewhere that you don't have access to the modem and router, try publishing from home or a coffee shop.

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