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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Norhan!

While reviewers won't get an email notifying them that a new version of your project was uploaded to Review 360, they can choose one of these settings for notifications:

  • Your Activity triggers email notifications when someone replies to your comments or @mentions you. This is the default setting for all reviewers except the project owner.
  • All Activity triggers email notifications for all comments and replies on this project. This is the default setting for the project owner.
  • Mute Project never sends email notifications.
Allyncia Williams

Why is this the default? What developer thought, "People love multiple notifications filling up their inbox when they could just go to a page and see them all at once with context?" Also, what developer thought, "Why don't we make every reviewer have to get an account and set up end user settings - people love having to learn another app and get into settings when really they are just trying to respond to content. SMEs also want to be an expert at the articulate review app in their free time. I cannot believe how many years this issue has gone unresolved given even today's research to fix this issue for my reviewers. This is a huge disappointment to learn about Articulate, an app that I have so highly recommended others to learn. Why hasn't this default issue been corrected? I truly hope I have missed discovering the update vs. this is still a huge imposition to developer and reviewer relationship. This is costing more than the software.