Interactive course components don't work when viewed from Android phone running 6.0.1

Mar 13, 2018

Hi there,

Is anyone else finding that users reviewing courses using Android phones aren't able to interact with drag and drop interactions?  I had a reviewer tell me that she got stuck in a module and when I went to test for this found I could progress through the course without issue, but that the drag to the correct box interaction I'd setup as an activity in Rise wasn't working.

Anyone else having issues with Review being used on mobile devices?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lionel, thanks for reaching out! 

Are you referring to the Rise Sorting activity? You mentioned that the interaction wasn't working on an Android device--can you tell me more about how it wasn't working? Is it completely frozen or stuck?

Here is a link to a Sorting Activity in Articulate Review. Could you test that link on your Android device and let me know what you see? 

Marc Koenecke

Hi Alyssa, appreciate your comments.

The issue is that it is completely frozen, or at least it appears to be so as the cards do not react to being touched at all.  This only happens in Review and works on the phone if I access the same course through Rise.

Hope that clarifies the issue I've experienced.



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