Is Articulate Review Down?

Jan 10, 2017

My presentation library is not loading. Is the system down? If not, any troubleshooting advice?

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Justin Grenier

Thanks for waiting patiently while we took a deeper look, Katie.

It looks like a user on your account used the upload video link on this page to upload a .zip file to Articulate Review.  Since that page is intended for video uploads, Articulate Review became a little confused about what to do with the file and got into the state that you're seeing now.  We're working to unclog the pipe, and you should be back in business very shortly!

For future reference, if you'd like to upload content from Articulate Storyline 360 or Articulate Studio 360, you'll want to use these instructions or these instructions, respectively.

You might use the upload video link if you have a video created elsewhere that you want to collect feedback on, if an automatic Peek upload failed and you just want to upload the local copy manually, or if you'd like to turn a video into an LMS package.

We'll also work on a feature to handle unexpected uploads a bit more gracefully.

I'll update this forum thread when the problem has been cleared.  Thanks for trying Articulate Review!

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