Jumping to slides in Review

Oct 02, 2017

Hi There!

I'm loving review - my developer and i are playing with it before using it with my client who i know will be very impressed - thanks for such a great product1

question though - i want to jump to slide 12 in the course to check on an update my developer made, is there a way to jump straight to that slide and view or do i have to go through all slides to get there?

Can't seem to see a way to jump ahead - sorry if it's staring me in the face!

thanks :)


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Gabby! Fantastic to hear that you're loving Articulate Review! We think it's pretty awesome, too. 💙

A handy tip I learned here in the forums is to enable the player menu, only during the review process. That way, you can easily jump ahead to any slide in Articulate Review. Once the course is ready to launch, disable the menu from the player and do the final publish. 

I hope that's helpful for you!

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