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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sandra!  

Articulate Review for individual subscriptions has a storage limit of 150 GB.  Teams subscription holders have unlimited storage.

Articulate Review content items include everything you publish to Articulate 360 from Storyline, Studio, Replay, Peek, and Preso as well as video files you manually upload.

If you are concerned about having too much content in your account, you can delete items by clicking on the ellipses on your content item and selecting Delete from the dropdown menu.  

Take a Peek at how that looks!

Also, we are happy to have a closer look at why you are unable to publish to Articulate 360.  You can open a case here, and please share a copy of the problematic .story files using the Add Attachment button.

(edited for clarity)

Justin Grenier

Thanks for telling us about this, Sandra.  This shouldn't be happening, and we'll get the problem straightened out.

I've submitted a Support Case for you, and you'll hear from our team shortly.  One of the first things we'll ask for is a copy of your project file so that we can do some testing on our end.  Thanks again!

Sandra Whitford

I think that the problem may have been operator error…. Mine :-(.

I went back shut down the machine and started all over again. What I found was that I was sending the subsequent modules as updates overwriting my original so the new ones were not showing up separately.

I have tested and this appears to be my error.

Thanks… its a learning curve. Also a lesson not to work long hours.

Thanks again.