? Multiple Publishers to the same Review 360 instance ?

Sep 13, 2021

We work with a vendor to do the initial development of our Storyline courses.

They publish the scenes to Review 360 and our team uses comments to point out adjustments and fixes for the vendor to address. As they address those comments, they reply with "Fixed" in the Review 360 comments.

Then they send us the raw Storyline .story file so our in house developer can make any technical fixes, etc.

Our editor then goes in to validate all the fixes have been completed. 

The problem is, that we do not know how to update the Review 360 versions that the vendor created. We would like to use the same Review 360 links because that's where all the comments and replies are located.

Any help?



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Jeff!

Thanks for reaching out! Currently, there is no way for multiple team members to publish a new version to the same Review 360 link.

This exact scenario has been mentioned before in other discussions, and we've taken note of it to share with our product team. I'll be sure to add your insight as well to our report and pop back in here when we have any progress to share on this feature.

simondavide tritto

Sorry but it's not about taking note, it's about making this feature available asap! We live in the era of sharing, we can share all of our files in the cloud with anybody else, but A360 does not allow sharing of a published file in Review 360!!! Ever heard about collaborative development? This is what all SW vendors offer, allowing their customers to share and work on the same projects in a multi-user setup, but with A360 is not even possible to publish a new version of the same object unless you are the very first who published it first. If I were not directly experiencing this, I would not believe it!