My Team Administrator cannot see my courses

Sep 09, 2021

I am in a Team with many people and although many times I publish courses myself on review there are also others who do and I would like to be able to see their published courses and for them to see my published courses. 

I know there is like a folder structure on the left side but I do not see my team administrator there. Help :) 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Andreja,

To see the courses published by others and provide feedback, your team members will need to share the link to their Review 360 project. Currently, your Review 360 account and folders are for individual use:

How Content Owners Manage Projects in Review 360

We have a feature request we are tracking to add a view in Articulate Review 360 for a Team Dashboard. I've added this conversation to our report so that we can share updates with you here.