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Allison Patterson

I love Articulate Review but I also vote for being able to share folders. We create content for customers and I may have 25 courses or modules that need to be reviewed by the customer and have to send them as individual links. Pain for me and them and we lose track on what's been sent, reviewed etc. This would be huge!!!!!!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community, Susan! We're glad you're here. 😀

I'm happy that using Folders in Rise and Review will be of benefit to you - and we always love to hear other ideas and items that would help make your course authoring easier, faster, and allow you to create beautiful e-learning -- so if you have other ideas to share don't hesitate to send along those feature requests!

Maggie Merino

I love using folders to organize my courses in Rise and Review, but I just recently discovered that when a course is moved to a folder in Articulate Review and then I make updates on Rise and republish to Review, it creates a new course in the "All Content" but it does not replace the previous version in the folder even though I select "Publish a new version of an existing item" in Articulate Rise. It only replaces the existing course in "All Content". Shouldn't it replace the version in the folder as well?


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Maggie. Thanks for the screenshot. When I exported a few new versions of a Rise 360 project to Review 360, I saw the change in both folders, All Content and in my custom Rise folder that I created in Review 360.

Could you work more closely with our team so we can see if there are any errors happening on the back end with your courses? It'll be helpful to include the course title and approximate times of publishing.

Maggie Merino

Crystal, thank you so much for getting back to me. I actually published the course twice and both times it did not replace the course in the folder, but I then published a different course the exact same way and both courses (the one in All Content, and in the folder) published just fine. I wonder if it was just some sort of glitch. If it happens again I will definitely reach out to your team. :) 

Terry Bell

I submitted a feature request for some useful functionality in Review - if you're interested in these, please also fill out a feature request of your own! 

Can you please give some basic information when viewing modules in Review. For example:
- a number badge to show if there are any new comments, and
- the date it was last updated, and
- what folder the module is published in (when viewing All Content).
Also, being able to sort by name or published date would be very helpful.

Curtis Wiens

I am not sure if this has been brought up already but it would be GREAT if when you are viewing the project and feedback at the same if it also had the slide number. It shows the slide number when you look at feedback only, above the feedback, but it disappears when you are actually viewing the elearning. Also if you could click on the title when when viewing in feedback only mode and go directly to that slide that would be super helpful.