password and log in questions

Feb 07, 2017

I'm using Review 360 for the first time and have sent out content. The reviewer has been asked for an email address and a password. while they are on the network and have the same IP address - going out - they don't have a license for 360 products. I made sure the box allowing anyone to review was checked before I posted the link, but remain frustrated and and my reviewers and SME's confused.


Any help please?

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Adam Schwartz

Yes, Lawrence, it's because those users created an Articulate ID sometime in the past. 

They will need to enter the password they used when they created their ID. If they don't remember they can follow the Forgot Password link.

The good news is that once they login, they will never have to do so again on that machine. They won't ever even need to enter their email. They will be logged in for any content item and can review straight away without any identification required. 

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