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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Sheri. Great question!

While you'll need Presenter 360 to publish projects to Review 360, I have a few questions so I can best understand your goal:

  • What version of Presenter are you using? 
  • Could you share more detail on what you're looking to do? I'd love to explore approaches with it in mind.

Excited to continue the conversation! 😊

Sheri Schaffer

I need to share the course that was created in Presenter with some SMEs for review.   The rest of our courses/content was created in SL2 and is easily shared for review in the Articulate 360 review tool.    But I can't do that with this one particular course.  I'd like for the reviewers to be able to provide feedback as they progress through it the way 360 review allows.  What are my options for the course that was created in Presenter?

Sheri Schaffer

Thanks for this.  Unfortunately it's not asking me if I want to upgrade.  I'm attaching one of the sections.  I opened this one, clicked on Articulate, and then Slide Properties but it's not asking me if I want to upgrade.  Thanks for your assistance.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sheri,

You mention wanting to use Review 360, which is a part of the Articulate 360 suite.

This suite also includes Presenter 360. I'm not sure why you are still using Presenter '13, but you will not be able to publish Presenter '13 to Review 360.

If you need instructions on how to download and install, check out this documentation, but it will uninstall your Presenter '13.

I was able to download the file you shared above, open with Presenter 360, and publish to Review 360. You can find the output here.

If you were looking for a 3rd party tool to collaborate with your Presenter '13 content, I'll leave those suggestions to the community.

Sheri Schaffer

Ok, maybe I'm dense.  Thanks for bearing with me.  The courses were created in Presenter.  I want a way for outside SMEs to review them - just like we can send SL courses to Review 360.  How do I get Presenter 360?  You mention it's part of the Articulate 360 suite but I don't see it.  Can I just open a Presenter course in Presenter 360?  Again, I'm just not seeing how to do it.  When I open up the PPT that was created in Presenter, and click Articulate, it's not asking me if I want to convert it.

Sheri Schaffer

When I follow the instructions to open a Presenter '13 course in PPT and then click on "Articulate," it's not asking me if I want to convert it.  It stays as it is - which won't allow me to publish to Review 360.  Is there another option?  How were you able to convert the one I sent to you?  Thanks!

Sheri Schaffer

Thanks Phil!  I've downloaded the Articulate 360 app and have downloaded many courses from SL2 to Review 360 but I don't see where I can download the Presenter 360 option. Is it the same thing?  

Also, I'm still not able to convert my Presenter '13 courses so that they will publish in Review 360.  I don't know what I'm missing as I'm following the instructions on the website.    

Sheri Schaffer

Thanks so much for the assistance.  Turns out this is what I needed to do:

  1. Open SL
  2. Import the PPT (from my Presenter files) into SL
  3. Save as (to SL)
  4. Exit COMPLETELY out of SL
  5. Re-open the .story doc by clicking on it from the file it was saved in.  At that point, it asks if you want to upgrade to the newest version - click yes - and then it opens it in SL.  (NOTE:  Don't reopen SL and then click on the doc to open it because it won't ask you if you want to upgrade and you won't be able to save to 360).
  6. Click Publish and there you will see the ability to save it to Articulate 360

You may have been saying the same thing and I was just on another track...but thought I'd list out the steps for anyone else who may need it in the future.

Thanks again!