Problem with Articulate Review When Content Is Articulate Storyline w/ an Embedded Engage Interaction?

Feb 20, 2017

I have an Articulate Storyline course with an embedded Engage interaction. Today, when navigating to that interaction (through Engage Review) I notice that the progress wheel just spins and will not allow the user to interact.  Is this an Articulate server error or something to do with embedded Engage interactions?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Curt!

I've seen this issue reported in the forums before, but Articulate 360 Update 3 fixed an issue where there were some inconsistencies and odd behavior with embedded Engage interactions. When you open the 360 Desktop application you’ll be prompted to  download the latest update, and after downloading and installing the latest update, you’ll want to republish any existing content to ensure that the updates and fixes are applied.

Try updating Storyline 360, then republish your content, and let me know if that fixes the issue!

Curt Zilbersher

Hi Alyssa. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, this didn't work. The Engage interaction is still not working in my embedded Storyline module.  I added my comments to the thread you forwarded:


Alyssa Gomez

Hi again Curt,

Sorry to hear that didn't work for you! I see my colleague Ashely responded to your post in the thread linked above, and like she said, we'll want to see a copy of your .story file with the Engage interaction in it, as well as a link to your course on Review. We can continue the conversation over in the other thread. 

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