Recover projects/files from Articulate Review

Nov 08, 2017

Dear articulate users,

I'm using Articulate review to share e-learning material with my subject matter expert (SME). Last week a SME reviewed a project in articulate review and i get an mail that he add some comments to the e-learning.

For some stupid reason i probably removed the project in articulate review (cloud). Is there any way to recover this online file. 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Koen,

Are you looking to recover the file prior to publishing to Review, or the copy that is published to Review with your colleagues comments on it? 

The file that you edited isn't saved automatically during the publish process nor is it included in the published output, so if you deleted you may want to reach out to your IT team to see if they can help you find previously deleted files. 

As for content hosted in Review, we aren't able to restore individual courses  that have been deleted. 

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