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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kimberlee,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing what you're experiencing in Review 360.

Is there any way to recover deleted comments?

Deleted comments can’t be restored. If you think you’ll need to refer to a comment later, try resolving it rather than deleting it.

You first mentioned that you did not delete the comment, but did mention that you responded. By default, resolved comments disappear. To see resolved comments, click the ellipsis (…) menu in the upper right corner of the screen and choose Show Resolved Comments. They’ll reappear with a faded or desaturated look so you can distinguish them from comments that are still open.

Kimberlee Boyd

Leslie, the deletion was by accident.  I am aware of how to resolve and reopen comments.  This issue is that the delete option is so close to the resolve button.  Also, in this instance, it seemed to delete on its own when my mouse was hovering near the "down carrot".  There are two options, which are either to edit or delete but the comment just deleted.  The request to have deleted comments restored needs to be moved to the top of the development list AND the option to delete should be on the left rather than next to the resolved button to minimize accidental deletions.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Kimberlee!

I can see how this request is beneficial to minimize accidental comment deletions! I'm happy to share your request for a way to restore deleted comments and changing the location of the delete button to the left rather than next to the resolved button. We'll keep you updated in this discussion when this request makes it on our roadmap. Thanks for taking the time to share this request with us!