Review 360 Anonymous Comments Permanently Disabled

Jul 27, 2023

I have a course that I have published to Review 360, and I have the "Allow users without Articulate IDs to comments" option enabled (as always). However, whenever I access the URL when I'm not signed in, or I send it to another person to review who doesn't have an Articulate account, it says that "Anonymous comments are disabled" and when they input their email into the popup box, it takes them to the log in page. 

Has this bug been identified yet, and is there a fix?

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Alistair,

Thanks for reaching out!

We're not seeing this behavior being reported by our other users, so the behavior might be isolated. Have you tried republishing your course to a new Review 360 item with the "Allow users without Articulate IDs to comment" option enabled to see if this helps? Additionally, you can try using a non-existent email address to see if this will allow you to comment without an Articulate ID. We've seen cases before where the sign in page appeared for some commenters because they previously created an Articulate ID which the system detected.

If the issue persists, please open a case with our support team here and we'll be glad to take a closer look at what's happening.