Review 360 Idea/Feature request

Jul 29, 2022

In the "in-house review" process at 911 e-Learning Solutions, once our development team has finished their review, the lead Instructional Designer reviews the comments and approves or adjusts the suggestions based on project budget, needs, etc.

Currently, the designer has to progress through the entire project as a student in order to see the storyline slide functionality. The screenshot is a big help in some parts, but when the slide has multiple actions, narration, etc. on it, the designer needs to actually view the slide in situ. 

It would be exponentially quicker if the ID could simply click on the screenshot or another link that would take them directly to the specific slide. Currently, we have to adjust navigation features to allow the ID to quickly ffwd through the 12 slides between comments.

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Melvin Pluijmaekers

Hi Kelly,

So you're suggesting a "go to slide" button on every review comment? So that reviewers can immediately navigate to the location where the comment was placed.

I think this is a great idea, on rather large projects it would be great for reviewers to immediately go back to the places where they left comments (if they want to). The only issue I can foresee is that this may break parts of the training as you may be able to end up on slides where you shouldn't be able to be (yet).

I guess this is up to the Articulate Team to figure out. I think it would be a great addition!

This feature is not on the Feature Roadmap however, and when I look at this post I can see this idea was already proposed 5 years ago. Maybe it's something they will add in the future. 

Best regards.
Melvin Pluijmaekers  

Vinnie Nguyen

A better solution would be something like comments on MS Word.

  • Reviewers can click or highlight a module part (word, sentence, picture, etc.) and add a comment.
  • Developer/designer can see the comments while browsing in edit mode through Rise, making it unnecessary to have both Review and Rise open in different windows.