Review 360: "Publish a New Version of an Existing Item" replaces the wrong project

Oct 01, 2020

I'm having issues with the version control of uploaded projects.

I've created a number of quizzes in Quizmaker, published them to Presenter (PowerPoint), then published from there to Review 360.

As others have reviewed them, I have launched the Presenter file, let's call it  Quiz 5, clicked Edit in Quizmaker, made my changes, and clicked Save and Return.

Back in Presenter (PowerPoint), I click Publish. Under "Publish a New Version of an Existing Item," the drop down shows the last new item I uploaded, let's call it Final Exam. I select Quiz 5 from the drop-down as that is the item I wish to replace. 

When the upload finishes, I view the presentation on Review 360. The intended Quiz 5 content is there, but it now has the name Final Exam. The Final Exam project has been replaced, and the original, unedited Quiz 5 is also still there with it's own name.

The only solution I've found is to delete all contents from Review 360 and re-upload everything as a new items. But I've already shared links with reviewers and would rather not go this route. 

Is this a bug or a user (that being me) error? Is there a known solution?

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