Review Can't leave coments

I have a password protected Storyline presentation in Review. 

The review is able to use the password, but cannot leave comments. When she tries to add a comment, she is prompted to provide her email. When she enters her email, the next button is greyed out. So she can't access the comment field.

Does anyone know what would cause that? A changed setting on the reviewers computer? 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for reaching out! It's possible that the reviewer may have an Articulate ID associated with that email address. If so, they'll need to log in using the Sign-In button.

If they forgot their password, they'll be prompted to reset it if needed!

If you're not sure, feel free to share that email address privately with our team, and they can do some checks on it so that you can move forward with the review process!

Becca Levan

Hello Christopher!

While you can certainly try using a different browser to see if that helps, as Ren mentioned earlier, it's likely that there is an Articulate ID associated with that email address. Here's our documentation on that!

  • One other note: is it possible that you don't have the checkbox checked for the Allow users without Articulate IDs to comment option?

My teammate Ren was spot on to connect with one of our support engineers, so I'd encourage you to reach out to them if you're still stuck!