Safari 11 and Review

Sep 22, 2017

Cut to the chase:

Open Review courseware in Chrome - check (video, audio, everything)

Open Review in Safari 11 - partial check - (no video, no audio, but we get the slides)


(addendum: These were both tested on MBP running 10.12.6, not Win)

(addendum 2: No video currently plays via Review when using latest version of Safari on 2016 MBP - but will run on Chrome 60)


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Crystal Horn

Hello Lawrence.  I saw the same behavior with your link with my MBP 10.12.6.  When I opened in Safari, Version 11.0 (12604., I had to click on the video to make it play.  I didn't hear any audio.  The slide icons animated in as expected.

Opening the same link in Chrome, the video played immediately, but I still didn't hear any audio.

Can you share your .story file for testing?  Also, can you confirm the version of Safari that you have?  With Safari open, you can go to the Safari tab at the top of your MBP and choose About Safari.


Lawrence Eaton


Many thanks.
Version of Safari - 11.0 (12604.
When I open it in Review, the video does not play automatically, but the icons appear as they should, when they should. (the video is set to begin when the timeline starts)
There is no audio on this course but there is on this one:

The video only works when you click it to begin, when the trigger is set to begin when the timeline starts, also.

Lawrence Eaton

Steph Rivera

Hey all, we spent days chasing down this issue and we have learned that this is a "feature" of Safari 11, released with High Sierra OS for Mac.  It is called "AutoPlay Disabled" and is meant to prevent websites from auto playing those annoying videos as soon as you hit their home pages.  The problem is that Apple made the HUGE mistake of enabling by default. You can google "autoplay safari" to learn more, but to disable the setting, see this:

Web searches show that this affects all education groups globally and many are asking Apple how to roll out config changes to corporate-based browsers.  This does not solve the issue for our customers however, so we are developing an FAQ and short tutorial to explain the issue and provide the workaround. It's been a busy last few days...!!

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