SCORM Video Wrapper using Review


I recently saw this post:  How to package video MP4 files to be SCORM compliant? where Phil Mayor mentioned that you could upload a video to Review and then download it wrapped in SCORM ... for me this translates into "so it can trigger a complete" -- which is all I would really need, and therefore almost perfect. 

I say almost because what I want to be able to do is also to add in a closed caption "Track" to allow for a vtt or srt to be used if necessary. 

The HTML is very simple:

<track kind="captions" src="" srclang="en" label="English" default="">

but I'm at a loss for how to add it to the exported content from Review. It's minimized and too hard to parse. 

Anyone have any ideas how I can (hopefully) add a few parameters to the object at the top of the page (which seems to be name value pairs for other parameters in the video tag) or any ideas on how I can just "hardcode" a line so it wont get wiped out at runtime?

Thanks in advance!

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