Somewhat of a Panic - why is tic-tok trying to launch on the review site

Feb 24, 2023

Today I was testing some animation features I built into my storyline package with javascript on Review 360. And to troubleshoot some odd behaviour I opened the dev console in Chrome. I instantly was shocked to see several errors reported that are not even related to the content I published. Concerned, I contacted a co-worker with a different account to test his courses and he was seeing the same thing in all  his published courses including rise courses on review 360. 
I never saw this happening before and immediately concerned that the site has been hacked. Can someone put my mind at ease? We will need to notify clients to stop reviewing for the moment. I attached a screenshot.

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Luciana Piazza

Hello Jean-Guy and Keith, 

Thank you both for reaching out and sharing screenshots of what you are experiencing within the Dev Console of Google Chrome. I understand seeing that could be concerning, and I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. 

I have shared this with my colleagues. It is my understanding that this functionality can happen on any website using the Google Tag Manager. Our team is currently investigating the occurrence of these calls within the Dev Console. 

In the meantime, I wanted to provide a quick workaround:

If you’d like for these tags to go away, you can click the Cookie Preferences link at the bottom of any of our web pages and disable everything but the Essential Cookies. 

Here is a quick Peek showing how to adjust these Cookie Preference Settings.  

Will will share any future updates in this thread, so the community is looped in!

Luciana Piazza

Hello Jean-Guy and Keith, 

Hope that you are both having a great start to your week! ✨ I have an update I wanted to share with you both.

Good news! Our team has investigated this issue, and I am happy to report that the issue has been resolved. You should not see these non-associated links when you open up the Dev Console within Chrome. 

Please let us know if you are still seeing this behavior. I'll be happy to share your findings with the team to assist with troubleshooting. 

Thanks so much!

Luciana Piazza

You're very welcome! 

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