Storyline 360 crashing when publishing to Review


I am having issues when trying to publish my local course in Storyline 360 to Review 360.

The "course" consists of three slides with a Camtasia demo embedded in one of them.

Every time I try to publish this, Articulate gets to the "Uploading Course" portion of the publish and then the whole app just clicks off screen and I have to restart it.

No error messages, nothing. Just *poof*.

And, of course, nothing gets uploaded to Review.

Thanks for any help.


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Nick!

We're happy to help! Sorry, you're running into this issue when publishing to Review 360!

These quick troubleshooting steps should get us started:

  • Does Storyline 360 crash even when publishing for Web or LMS?
  • Are you seeing an error message when publishing elsewhere or even previewing the project?
  • Can you close your project, log out and log back into the desktop app, open the project in Storyline 360, and then publish to Review 360? Does that do the trick?

If you still see this snag, I'd also recommend importing the project into a new Storyline 360 project and then publish to Review 360.

If you'd like us to take a look at the file, you can either attach it to this discussion or upload it privately using this secure upload link.