Team capabilities in Articulate Review?

Mar 07, 2018

Hi all

Just wondering if this is in the works, and will be possible anytime soon...and if anyone else out there shares the same desire to see these features?

The Articulate 360 Teams concept makes lots of sense, and Articulate Review is a terrific step forward in simplifying the project development it would be great if you could marry the two together, and extend the team account concept/capability to Articulate Review.

The Teams idea is predicated on the idea that multiple folks may be involved on particular projects, and as such, quick & convenient access to all review comments by relevant team members is major convenience . With this in mind, I love to see the following: 

  • As part of the process of posting a project for review, we should be able to select other team members who will then have immediate access (instead of having to email a link to each person, in addition to the client).
  • Any team member associated with the project should receive the emails indicating new comments posted to Review for that project.  This prevents the current potential for bottlenecks on a project, whereby the account owner is the only one to receive these update emails. If they are away (or miss the email)progress can easily come to a halt, as other team members are unaware that new comments are posted, unless they are continuously checking.
  • Also, as I've seen posted here previously, the ability to organize projects in Review into folders would be a Godsend. With numerous projects, each involving potentially dozens of modules, the site gets enormously cluttered. Scrolling thru all of the projects can be brutal, as there is currently no means to sort these projects (which would also be a nice feature...sort by date, alphabetically, etc.)
  • Lastly, as I mentioned this in a previous post, the ability to archive projects would also greatly improve the organizational aspect of the site, enabling us to keep the site cleaned up, without have to completely delete projects that we may need to refer to later.

Thanks for a great product, and continuously looking to improve...hopefully these suggestions are helpful.

Cheers, Dave

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Kelly Auner

Hi, everyone!

I have some great news to share!

We’ve just released an update for Review 360 which includes cool new features: 

New: Create shared team folders in Review 360 to organize your content, assign permissions, and invite collaborators. You can even allow multiple authors to publish new versions of a course to the same Review 360 project.

And because Review 360 is a web app, there's nothing to install! New features and fixes are available immediately.

Please let us know if you have any questions by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly.

Have a great day!

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Dave Chace

Bret & Ashley

As the originator of this thread (back in mid-2018) I also want to stress that my original post regarded the shortcomings of Review...and how, if you have a Team license, how Review should be improved to address the common-sense necessities. 

I'm not sure if by "Team Content Management" you're also including the Review shortcomings. Can you please clarify?

Also, while I'm glad to hear the issue has be expedited so some extent, learning that it was on the roadmap for some point in 2021 only calls attention to the stunning lack of responsiveness to vital issues. As I mentioned, I began this thread well over 2 years ago. So it takes 3 years to address incredibly necessary & glaring issues with your software? Wow.

I understand I'm sounding like a broken record, but please understand the frustration when we're billed every year for a product that BARELY improves. To prove this point, here is the list of ALL the improvements to Review 360 & Teams over the last couple years- this is taken directly from your Version History page...

Review360 Changes since Nov2018:
January 2019: Changed name from "Articulate Review" to "Review360." 
Jan2019 - June2020: No changes listed
June2020: Added accessibility enhancements, refined the search filtering feature
August2020: Added variable video speed & picture-in-picture capability

Teams Improvements since May2019:
May2019 - March2020: No changes listed
March2020: Invitations to join teams now expires after 90 days if not used
May2020: Added search field to find users/groups
July2020: Added ability to download list of your users

Does this seem like the kind of support that warrants sizable renewal fees every year? 
Your thoughts?

Bret Jorgensen

Hi Everyone - Here's a sneak peek into the vision we have for how Review 360 will evolve in 2021 based on community feedback. This is an early outline of proposed features that will be reassessed throughout our planning and development phases.

Sharing & Collaboration

  • Share item/folder with your team
  • Admin view of content
  • Team permissions for project updates

Organization & Content Management

  • Folder hierarchy and structure improvements
  • Bulk item actions
  • Export/Publish to specific folders
  • Version Management
  • Manually uploading SL360 courses
  • Export as SCORM package

We're sharing this high-level update with you all to reinforce our commitment to improving Review 360. Much of the details around these features have yet to be fleshed out, but with your feedback and posts, we hope to continue working through this to get it right!

Shannon Connor

Thank you, Bret. How about these badly-needed feature updates for Review? I don't see them in the list? 

Include the slide number on email notifications

Include a link from the email notification to the specific slide on AR.

In AR, allow the reviewer to click the thumbnail image in Feedback view and be taken to the correct slide in Review mode.

I'll state again that it's embarrassing when I'm walking through a review with a client and have to apologize that every time I switch back and forth between Feedback and Review, I have to start at the top of the Feedback page again and search for where we left off to find the next comment.

Could you please tell us if these three items are on the plate? These are very basic navigation issues that should have been solved years ago.

Bret Jorgensen

 Hi All. Thanks for sharing!

I agree, as well. These would all be valuable additions to Review, and each one has a place on the list I monitor of Review 360 feature requests submitted by your fellow community members. 

While we design and build out features, we often add related features to the project in the hope of delivering a more comprehensive product in the end. So, some of your ideas may fall in line with one of the high-level features that I outlined previously. I truly hope they do.

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and willingness to help. I'll let you know when we have something additional (and exciting) to share. 

Katie Riggio

Hi there, King Jhan!

We haven't set a date for the proposed additions that Bret outlined, but we're laying the groundwork to get there. 

Note: The details around these features have yet to be fleshed out, but with your feedback, we hope to continue working through this to get it right for you!

We'll stay in touch in this discussion and keep adding features to our public roadmap throughout 2021:

Michael North

Hi All, 3 years on has this feature request really not been actioned?

I manage an eLearning team of developers that are constantly having to share review links via third party sources, or store them in central locations as only the person who has published has the project appear in their review 360.

Really would help if there was a way that projects published could be visible to all users within the team seat, or shared to users within the team similar to the way we collaborate with rise. 

Dave Chace

My frustration is well documented in my posts/responses throughout this thread.  How can a company now valued at nearly $4 BILLION ( be so inept at addressing the critical shortcomings of their product?  I can't wait till DevLearn, where I'll hear all the same responses as every other year from the Articulate people at their booth: 
"That's unacceptable" "We're definitely working on that" "Let's connect after the show and discuss this further" - all with absolutely no follow up or improvement. Like so many others, I've thrown my hands up in disgust. 

cynthia Lyons

This is truly unacceptable. What good is having a very expensive Team license, if the team can't store and share their work in a central repository? I can't tell you how many times a team member has left, and all his/her work has gone with them. This is a show stopper. I'd rather go a year without any new features in SL 360 whilst you work to make this happen. Thinking you don't have any competition in this space is a really bad strategy. First of all, the trend in eLearning is video and many folks in the ID world are going to Camtasia or Adobe to fill this need.

Please, please give us an ETA as to when this feature will be in the product.

Michael Marcos

Hi everyone,

The nature of this feature set has a very broad scope and involves a number of complex factors as you’ll see outlined in Bret’s earlier message. This makes it difficult to predict the amount of time it will take to complete until we are closer to a release date. What I can assure you is that the enhancements for Review 360 are already underway and work is continuously being put in towards developing this feature set currently.

These feature enhancements will revolve around more functionality for Review 360 team folders where users will be able to share Review items with other members of the team for example. Other features we’re targeting will be for more notification preferences and security.

I understand that not knowing when this feature will come out is frustrating, and I’m here to assure you we’re listening to your concerns and working on those enhancements.

Michael Marcos
Customer Support Product Liaison

Dave Chace

I would like everyone to take note of the date of the posts on this thread that I started FOUR YEARS AGO, and despite promises of addressing this issue (including a cheery commitment early last year), NOTHING has been done.  

I once again have to express my extreme frustration and dissatisfaction with Articulate's lack of response to much-needed & requested improvements...especially since our annual renewal is fast approaching, and I will be forced to pay many thousands of dollars so my designers can continue to use a product that continues to have the same shortcomings, and offers minimal improvement year over year.  Shameful.

Shannon Connor

I was just thinking this morning as I read yet another Articulate Review email notification and searched for whichever slide it related to in a course with hundreds of comments, "Gee, I wonder if Review will EVER be updated." I decided it won't be. At least not with the features we've requested for years. Here they are, AGAIN:

Include the slide number on email notifications

Include a link from the email notification to the specific slide on AR.

In AR, allow the reviewer to click the thumbnail image in Feedback view and be taken to the correct slide in Review mode.

Terry Bell

I for one have stopped holding my breath when it comes to waiting for features from Articulate. Unfortunately, I have had to lower my standards even when it comes to dealing with bugs.

Sometimes I feel badly for the front line staff - they are watching the user base become more and more apathetic, and they can't do anything except reply with a chirpy "thanks for your feedback."

That is assuming that it's the development team that are digging in their heels and refusing to do the work. I don't really know.

Michael Marcos

Hello again everyone, 

Stepping in to share an update to increase the transparency of the developments regarding the upcoming enhancements to Articulate Review which should solve some of the problems related to sharing and folder management. 

As this enhancement gets closer to completion we are now able to estimate a target release date for it generally in Q2 of this year. 

I can assure everyone that the development team is working and has been working  hard on this.  It has been even more challenging last couple of years and we appreciate the patience that everyone has exercised throughout these trying times. 

All the best,
Mike Marcos

Duane Knudsen

I just received notification this morning that pricing will increase in July. Will any of these Review features that have been requested for the past 4 years come to fruition? Or will we just see a bump in cost for what we're using today?? And, if I read the calendar right, Q2 is definitely here.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Duane!

Thanks so much for your response and for following up on the feature request you shared. We prioritize adding new features by researching our customers’ needs and assessing evolving technology trends. Ultimately, we focus on features that will be most helpful to the largest number of folks. Unfortunately, that means we can’t address all the feature requests we get.

We appreciate your business, and we’ll keep you posted on your feature request. Thank you for creating online learning with Articulate 360.