Using publish for Web instead of Review for reviewing courses

Hi all:

Apologies for what might seem to be a basic question, but we have a problem that none of my group have the experience to answer.

I’m hoping for some input regarding client review processes. I do know about Articulate Review, but a client need files to be hosted in Canada for security purposes and does not want to use 360's review option. So rather than publishing to Articulate Review, what we’d like to be able to do is to publish for Web, upload the folder to a server, and provide a link to the storyline file (story.html). Our current web provider said that “there is no way to send a link to connect to our server. The only way for your client to access is to open using their own FTP application, if they have one.”

Am I missing something? How do you do something like I’ve described! Thanks for your help!


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Patricia Turner

I don't know if this helps, but...

In older versions of Storyline, i was able to publish for web, upload the whole folder to my webpage, and send the html link to a client for review. I wish i could confirm for you that still works, but i haven't updated my website in what seems like millennia, and the courses i loaded had flash.