USING REVIEW: Timing of slides or scenes coming up or audio disappearing

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the timing of the upload of slides on REVIEW or audio not coming through on a slide?  

When previewing the scene that I am about to publish I have had no problem with the timing of moving from slide to slide, scene to scene  or with narration disappearing on layers.  When I published the latest module of our program timing was slow - for example question slides will show the answer options and then a full second later will show the question.  Sometimes the next slide is slow - I thought I had the timing off or the trigger incorrectly selected but on the original they are correct.  And in some spots the audio does not come through .  This happened on several slides with layers.  I went back to my original (on my PC) and it was fine and the audio with layers worked well.  

Could this be an issue with the internet connection when uploading?  I am having a lot of trouble with my internet losing connection (darn provider)! Or would it be something else?  If it is internet connectivity I'm hoping that when the client puts it on a LMS server it will act correctly.    

I do not remember seeing this happen when just using web designed programs.





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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sandra!

That certainly sounds strange. I've not heard of a similar issue, but sorry to hear that you are having difficulty.

Have you tried to re-upload the content? I assume you are not having difficulty with other items in Review?

If you'd like for us to take a look at your project file, feel free to share.