Video Stops Playing in Review 360

Oct 21, 2021

I have a course that contains three videos. When I publish the course to Review, two of the videos are fine but one freezes before it completes.  I have checked and then re-uploaded the video, ensure there were any triggers set that would stop it and nothing fixes it.

Any ideas?

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Becca Levan

Sorry for this trouble, Betsy! Let's get this sorted out:

  • What browser are you using when the two videos freeze? Can you replicate it in other browsers? 
  • Any differences between the problematic videos and the working one? For example, were they created differently? 

We'd be happy to test things if you could share your .story file and the video files with our support team here privately. Then we'll reach out shortly after with the next step!

Patricia Severenuk

Good morning, Becca:

I am having the same problem. I have a course with four separate videos, all created using the same software, and with one of the videos. Up until this week, everything worked fine. However, I updated my 360 this week and now I find that, with the second of the four videos, the video pauses after one second and cannot be restarted in either the player control or the seekbar buttons. There are no problems with seeing this particular video in Preview, but when published to Review, this video does not work. There are no triggers pausing the video. And I've tried copying the slides (with base layer and video layer) from the sections with videos that DO work and replacing the existing video with the video in question, and I still get the same result. It doesn't matter if I try to use Review with Edge, Chrome or Explorer (the only browsers used in our organization): the same problem.  Any insights or updates to this situation would be gratefully received. Thank you. 

Sue Antonissen

I'm having the same problem as described above. On July 28, I installed the latest update build (3.66.282355.0). My course has several short (<2 min.) MP4 videos, which played perfectly in Review 360 until a few days ago. 

Now, in Review 360, videos stop part way through, and the seek bar continues until timeline end. (However, course previewed fine within the Storyline project.)

I tried going back to the previous version of SL 360, and uninstalled/reinstalled SL 360, but nothing seems to correct the video playback within Review 360. I also cleared my cache and cookies in Edge and Chrome. The videos still stop part way through.

Please advise. Thank you.

Sue Antonissen

Thanks for responding, John.

I had submitted an Articulate Support case  just a short while ago, and included a .story file and Review 360 link.

I'm hopeful this will be resolved. We frequently include videos in our elearning courses, and it's been working fantastically until just the last few days. :-)

Sue Antonissen

After working with Articulate Support, this issue continues - whether updating an existing course, or creating a brand new course - even after running the 8/23/2022 update. I have been following all recommendations on how to avoid corrupt files and erratic behavior. And now, another member on my team is having the same issue.

I've responded via the Articulate Support survey indicating all of this information. I'm hopeful Articulate can help us to find a solution. Meantime, my workaround is to insert videos as web objects or hyperlink them to open in a separate window.

UPDATE: Several members on my team are now experiencing this same issue, and we'll all need to use the workaround mentioned above until this issue is fixed.